Sisteme Integrate de Masura a ENergiei



About us

SIMEN s.r.l.

7, Piatra Craiului Street, 107086 Negoiesti - Brazi, DIBO Industrial Zone, Prahova, Romania
tel/fax: +40 244 434 313
fax: +40 244 434 314
mobile: +40 722 358 892


Toroidal winding machines, robots for motor winding, measurement equipment for laboratories, fiberglass products


SIMEN was created in 2002 by a group of specialists who trained in the field of production and marketing of devices and equipment for energy distribution and energy production.

SIMEN's main activity is the production of measuring equipment together with control and verification activities for the energy domain. The main part of our company's products is represented by instrument transformers designed for energy measuring systems and industrial automation.

Our technology consists of last-generation automated production lines from the USA and Germany. Our engineers have over 25 years experience in working with toroidal technology.

SIMEN has implemented the Quality Management System, the Environment Management System and the Health and Occupational Safety Management System according to SR EN ISO 9001, SR EN ISO 14001, SR OHSAS 18001.

SIMEN also has a certified Metrology Laboratory, which is fully capable of authorized testing and verifying of our products as well as for products coming from other companies. The Laboratory is authorized by the Romanian Bureau of Legal Metrology (BRML) Bucharest and DRML Ploiesti and is equipped with top-of-the-line measuring equipment.

SIMEN is the authorized representative for Romania for the German company RITZ INSTRUMENT TRANSFORMERS - producer of medium voltage instrument current and voltage transformers.

Our products are metrologically certified, and have received the following Model Approvals from the Romanian Bureau of Legal Metrology: RO 120/02, RO121/02, RO 094 ÷ 099/06.

SIMEN's main customers are the main energy production and distribution companies from SC ELECTRICA SA, the electro-energetic service Divisions, the foreign companies present on the Romanian energy market: EON Germany, ENEL Italy, CEZ Czech Republic, as well as the producers of switchgears, distribution pannels, measuring cells and electrical instalations for medium or low voltage.

SIMEN is an accepted supplier for SC ELECTRICA SA Bucharest and its territorial Divisions for metrologic verifications for low voltage current transformers, according to Atestat nr. 9900 / 8715 and holds Commercial Authorizations emitted by SC ELECTRICA SA for low voltage instrument current transformers and for medium voltage instrument transformers, both current and voltage.